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Sales Training Workshops With Buyer-Centric Focus

Sales Communications™ is our buyer-centric approach to selling.  Our sales training workshops promote non manipulative selling philosophies.  These sales workshops and seminars deliver training to enable salespeople to support the way your buyers buy, making it easy for them to come to a purchasing decision. 

Our sales seminars teaThese powerful sales workshops won't leave you high and your salespeople to look at your pipeline like a garden hose.  A deal in the pipeline is like water in a garden hose that can't flow out the end if any part of the hose is kinked.  Each Sales Communications Workshop provides training to help your salespeople understand why their buyer isn't buying.  The quicker a salesperson spots the obstacle and removes it, the quicker revenue dollars come flowing out. 

Our Sales Communications™ approach makes processes taught in other sales workshops obsolete.  This sales training series places the focus on the buyer's process.  You'll have buyers excited because you'll be helping them get what they want more quickly. 

Sales Training Seminars Options: Process, Strategies, or Tactics


If you've been looking for a sales process or methodology, you'll want our sales training seminars featuring Shortcuts to The Buyer-Centric Selling Method.  These sales workshops focus on mapping out the buying process, so that your salespeople understand how your target customers come to a decision.  Then it becomes easy to match up strategies and tactics that make it easy for prospects to buy from you. 


At the strategy level, our Shortcuts to Major Account Mapping sales training seminars will teach your selling teams how to manage relationships with large accounts.  Salespeople learn how to look at their key accounts through their buyer's eyes, and use training that will improve their relationships with their buyers and move into the trusted advisor position.  After attending these sales workshops, competitive pressure goes down, and margins go up. 


For tactical sales seminars, choose the Shortcuts to Consultative Selling series.  Salespeople get fundamental sales skills training that they'll use from when they first engage with a prospect through fulfillment of the order and to the creation of a reference account.  In short, these sales training workshops teach salespeople how to get information, give information, put together win-win solutions, and handle natural resistance. 

Sales managers love our sales training approach because it enables salespeople to self-diagnose the kinks in their sales pipeline and solve their own sales problems.  Salespeople who come to these workshops love them because we encourage them to take an honest, ethical approach that their prospects and customers appreciate.  The core skills they learn in our seminars allow them to hit their numbers with ease. 

Your organization can look forward to:

More revenues

More productivity

More simplicity

More confidence

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Here are some quotes from our clients: 

“Through your Sales Communications approach, we now better understand the buyer, the timing of the buying process and what compels purchasing decisions.” 

Green Light Advantage

Glen W. Smotherman,


"We know the extraordinary sales lift your program provides will be with us year after year and produce millions of dollars of additional revenue we wouldn't have without your help."

Broniec Associates

Gerry A. Conheady,


"You received unanimous positive reviews for your excellent program. With our group, that is rare distinction!!"

Xonex, Inc.

Bill Humphrey,

VP of Sales

"I can truly say that I would recommend you to any organization that needs a quick boost for their team. You certainly gave one to ours!"

Haas Publishing Company

Mildred J. Thompson,

Sales Training Coordinator

"Your sessions are consistently interactive, high-energy, and - best of all - tightly focused."

Nortel Networks

Beth Barrow,