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Consultative Sales Planning Makes Best Use of Marketing Resources

Sales planning and execution become unproductive when your Marketing and Sales departments don't work together. Activities become disconnected, disjointed. Marketing dollars are wasted and selling efforts are frustrated by sales planning processes that don't align Marketing and Sales.

Sales Communications™ replaces transactional sales planning with a consultative sales approach. Its buyer-centric focus requires salespeople to stop "shooting from the hip" and incorporate sales planning into their approach so they can have more consultative sales encounters with prospects. As a result, energies expended by Marketing are put to better use.

The collateral and tools created by Marketing are incorporated into the sales planning so that the salesperson is in the position to win with each account and each opportunity. To support sales planning at a tactical level, Sales Communications™ is delivered through a comprehensive consultative sales training series called Shortcuts to Consultative Selling.

Consultative Sales Training is Fundamental for Success

The Shortcuts to Consultative Selling programs teach salespeople to excel at the fundamentals of consultative sales. Even experienced professionals struggle to master the fundamentals; that's why great athletes like Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, and Lance Armstrong use coaches.

Plus, we've included our own Shortcuts to Yes™ strategies and techniques to give your salespeople an edge. Including these consultative sales shortcuts into your sales planning will enable salespeople to get your buyers to "Yes" faster and more frequently.

Each training program is designed for delivery in a half-day by Larry Ledgerwood at a site of your choosing. We'll provide educational materials for each attendee. Each session is fun, interactive and activity-based to drive the learning home. We can tailor the content to fit your specific selling environment.

You may select an individual program, as each is designed to stand alone. However, for maximum synergy, we recommend you consider including all four at your sales meeting, or over a series of meetings.

Whether you sell products or professional services, your team will benefit from developing the core consultative sales skills we cover.

#1. Questions That Sell

The questions you ask reveal more about your competence than the statements you make. For professionals in sales, planning questions to use from the moment of first contact until the order is approved is critical.

  • Questions are the selling servants that:
  • Develop rapport.
  • Establish credibility.
  • Reveal core wants and needs.
  • Uncover issues.
  • Isolate preferences.
  • Make decisions easy for buyers.
  • Motivate action.

Effective questioning helps salespeople stay focused on the appropriate opportunities, avoid missed forecasts, and optimize use of company resources.

The best consultative sales people ask the best questions. Use these questioning techniques and join the best.

#2. Hot Spot™ Presentations

While all sales presentations are intended to inform and persuade, Hot Spot Presentations also compel buyers to take action.

Well-structured, well-delivered sales presentations can:

  • Make you immediately relevant to your buyer.
  • Distinguish you from competitors.
  • Make your key points memorable.
  • Put you and your buyer on the same team.
  • Encourage interactions that reveal priceless information.
  • Simplify the buyer's decision process.
  • Compel your buyer to move forward.

First, we'll show you how to structure a flexible presentation that will connect with your buyers. Then, you'll learn how to deliver a satisfying experience that will make it easy for buyers to commit to the next step.

These consultative sales techniques make salespeople more effective in one-on-one situations, in the boardroom, and in front of large groups. Your buyers will "get it" faster, remember it longer, and buy from you sooner.

#3. Selling Your Solution

Buyers don't really want your product or service. They want what it can do for them. Your sales planning challenge is to take the idea in their head and convert it into a reality they're willing to pay for.

By properly Selling Your Solution, you can:

  • Identify and focus on the best sales opportunities.
  • Align buyer and seller outcomes (win-win).
  • Conduct an efficient and effective needs analysis.
  • Clarify expectations and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Deliver a proposal focused on your buyer instead of your company and products.
  • Remove any doubt about your ability to deliver results.
  • Get the "Yes" you deserve.

Selling Your Solution can begin when your buyer is ready for a quote, and ends when they agree that you have the best solution. "Closing" is then just the formality of wrapping up the details.

Match up what you have with what they want, and you'll make the sale.

#4. Mastering Objections

The objection you fail to resolve is the one that will cost you the sale. Unresolved objections are incredibly expensive because they come at the END of the sales cycle.

Achieving mastery of sales objections can:

  • Prevent deals from getting "stuck" in the pipeline.
  • Improve forecast accuracy.
  • Boost confidence in challenging sales situations.
  • Leverage the style strengths of individual salespeople.
  • Adapt to evolving sales scenarios.
  • Proactively neutralize recurring sales objections.
  • Boost closing ratios.

This consultative sales seminar puts an examples-rich toolkit into your salespeople's hands so they can solve their own recurring sales stalls and objections. Attendees will apply our objections response process and techniques during the seminar, and then practice their new skills before they leave.

Turn sales objections into the stepping stones to sales success.

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Client comments:

"The training that you provided for our sales staff was outstanding. Your well-prepared message was right on target, and that message was reinforced by a full set of training aids and materials. Our salespeople left here with everything they needed right under their arms."


Jeff Fields,

Vice President of Sales

"The time I spent with you helped me to find the direction I needed to get back to a few of the selling basics I knew, but wasn't really practicing or translating to our service very well."

Broniec Associates

Gregg Masters,

Regional Sales Manager

“This was excellent, especially planning where to use tools most effectively.”

Chris Chalk,

Director of Business Development

"You really delivered a lot of content in the short time we had together."

AmSouth Bank

Louis Eisenberg,

VP/Sales Manager

"We now have a sales approach that allows us to uncover customer needs and sell to their pain points."

Broniec Associates

Gerry A. Conheady,


"Your ability to create a supportive and interactive environment during the training really helped to keep their focus."

Xonex, Inc.

Bill Humphrey,

VP of Sales

"You always deliver what you say you're going to deliver, and then some."


Steve McCullough,



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