Does your sales processs work?
Successful sales processes focus on the buyer.

Is Your Sales Process Flawed?

The holy grail of selling is to find the perfect sales process, a foolproof method for creating a customer. Unfortunately, all sales processes are fundamentally flawed, and will fail to produce predictable results.

To predict the outcome from any process, including a sales process, you have to be able to control all the variables. Unfortunately, a key variable in all sales processes is the buyer, and we can't control them, nor should we want to. This explains why attempts to use a sales process will produce unreliable results. We may have certain processes we use while we sell, but comprehensive sales processes don't work.

Sales Processes that Work

We call Sales Communications™ a buyer-centric approach, unlike conventional sales processes because it requires salespeople to pay attention to how the buyer wants to buy, and then support them. It is non manipulative, ethical, and straightforward. And unlike sales processes, it is effective.

Companies looking for a sales process take our 1½ day course entitled Shortcuts to The Buyer-Centric Method. We teach salespeople how to identify the buying stages and inflection points that their prospects go through on the way to a decision. Instead of a sales process, the buying process is central. A key deliverable is the Sales Communications™ Map, a powerful visual tool which replaces sales processes with something more valuable: a map of your buyer's process. From here, your strategies and tactics can follow.

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You can read more about Shortcuts to The Buyer-Centric Method workshop below, but first you may want to download the article, Your Sales Process Isn't (PDF format). This article explains Buying Stages, Inflection Points, and advantages for salespeople and sales managers.

“Areas that were lacking were identified, discussed, and implemented to improve our understanding of the overall buying process. Most helpful were the Inflection Points and Buying Stages.” 

Paul Kinsella,

Xonex, Inc.

More on The Buyer-Centric Method Workshop

We can deliver this workshop for you one of two ways: 

  • Train your salespeople on the Sales Communications™ Buyer-Centric Method, and let each of them tailor a generic Sales Communications™ Map to serve their own purposes.
  • For a more uniform approach, we would initially engage only the sales and marketing executives (five to eight participants) who you would want included in your sales process development. This team would develop a single Sales Communications™ Map for the entire sales organization to use. This Map would then be used at a general sales meeting to train everyone on The Buyer-Centric Method.

Regardless of which delivery approach you prefer, here are the results that you will enjoy as a result of the workshop:

  • Create an actionable plan for increasing sales effectiveness.
  • Methodically remove sales bottlenecks once and for all.
  • Leverage the strengths of your company to earn higher margins.
  • Deploy sales and marketing resources for maximum return.
  • Isolate a few simple key metrics that will drive sales.
  • Shift your selling time to the most valuable activities.
  • Implement sales tools to accelerate your sales cycle.
  • Learn how to sell the way your buyers want to be sold.
  • Create a comprehensive plan for supporting your selling team all through the sales process.

Here’s what we’ll do to ensure you get the most out of your Workshop experience:

  • Before the Workshop begins, we’ll take the time to learn about your current offering in relation to your market, and the profile of your target customer.
  • When we get together, we’ll first explore the relationship between marketing and sales, and how that affects your current sales strategies.
  • Second, we’ll analyze your target customer’s buying process, and identify the Inflection Points that cause them to turn toward a positive decision.
  • Next, we’ll identify the tools needed to positively alter buyer inertia, and develop the structure and tactics for aligning your marketing and selling efforts.
  • Lastly, we’ll rank the relative value of your desired tools and measuring devices and come up with a plan for their creation and deployment.
  • After the Workshop ends, we’ll confer with you to suggest ways of accelerating your plan and improving the impact of your newly aligned programs, and supporting you at sales meetings if desired.

Your Workshop will produce a powerful Sales Communications™ Map tailored to your organization and your target buyer. If you sell to several diverse prospect profiles (e.g. resellers and end users) that will require separate sales strategies, you will want to invest in multiple Sales Communications™ Workshops. That will ensure that your team is selling to each buyer exactly the way they want to be sold.

If you’d like to schedule a Workshop, click here.

Comments from our clients:

"I now have a repeatable framework for presenting and selling, and it works!"

Nortel Networks

Beth Barrow,


"Thank you for bringing the structure we needed to our selling organization. Our lack of process was costing us many lost opportunities."

Green Light Advantage

Glen W. Smotherman,


“Very helpful in determining where your strongest and weakest links are – even for someone new to the market. Most helpful was creating the actual road map.” 

J. H. Bennett Moving and Storage Inc.

Vicki Amendola

"Thank you for bringing some additional discipline to our sales efforts."

APEX Analytix

Michael Lustig,

Chief Executive Officer

"It's great to finally have consistency all through the sales process."

Akzo Nobel Coatings Inc.

Bert van Duinkerken,

IT Services Manager

"As they actually "built" the "roadmap of sales success" during the program, I have little doubt that they also took ownership of the outcome."

Xonex, Inc.

Bill Humphrey,

VP of Sales