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Wrap Your Sales Strategy Around Your Buyer

Many a sales strategy is based on "relationship selling". Unfortunately, some salespeople misinterpret this and attempt to make the prospect their "buddy", instead of using sales strategies that will deliver value to their prospect.

Because of this, prospects and customers don't see much value in meeting with salespeople, especially the ones they regard as just vendors or suppliers. What if salespeople used a sales strategy that would make them more valuable in their customer's eyes, perhaps even elevating themselves to the trusted advisor level?

You can apply Sales Communications™ as high-level sales strategies that will enable your salespeople to mine major accounts for more money. If you have established accounts that deliver regular revenue for your firm, this sales strategy will deliver the peer to peer relationships that will stop you from leaving money on the table. Shortcuts to Major Account Mapping teaches salespeople how to systematically extract more business from your major accounts.

Sales Strategies to Hit Your Numbers

The sales strategies delivered in Shortcuts to Major Account Mapping enable salespeople to better penetrate their accounts, resulting in revenue growth.

This course delivers a path to help you expand from your established strongholds within an account to new areas where you can deliver value. This day and a half sales strategy seminar will help to insulate yourself from competition and raise yourself to trusted advisor status. Use Major Account Mapping sales strategies to put yourself in a better position to serve your biggest and best customers, and be rewarded well for it.


  • Our first sale strategy will be to methodically pick apart our account to isolate areas where opportunities for us may reside.
  • Next, we'll apply sales strategies that will reveal this account's initiatives, both funded and unfunded.
  • Then we'll take a look at the various ways that our company can best serve our account, and what sales potential these strategies reveal.
  • Finally, we'll prioritize were want to begin, and develop tactical sales strategies to employ our resources and generate more sales.

During the process salespeople learn how to research and document the progress, and create a visual map to let them quickly take in the big picture as they work on the details of their sales strategy day-by-day.

If your team would like to dig deeper and call higher within your best accounts, click here and request the Shortcuts to Major Account Mapping program for your team.


Click here to inquire about your scheduling your own Workshop so you can get to work on your own Sales Communications™ sales strategy.


Here's what our clients are saying:

"Since working with you, we tripled our revenues in one year."

Kinetic Design, Inc.

Ellen Benelli,


"Your strategy also included ways to adapt our business model so that we could move away from being a vendor of commodity products in an equipment-driven industry. We are now positioned as a provider of high-value consulting services and processes that our customers are willing to pay more for."

Hill & Foss Inc.

Thomas W. Foss,


"Our overall appointments are up, the quality of the appointments are superior, and the Xonex sales pipeline has never looked better."

Xonex, Inc.

Bill Humphrey,

VP of Sales

"Now our sales people can handle more relationships and yet stay closer to customers and prospects than ever before."

APEX Analytix

Michael Lustig,

Chief Executive Officer

"The activities you included made the participants think, internalize the concepts, and create real value for their businesses."


Patrick Taylor,

Vice President Marketing