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Catch Buyers When They Can't Say "No!"

700 words. Abstract: If you sell, you'll want to use this approach to identify prospects who are compelled to say "Yes," and say it now. Learn how to identify prospects who are ready to buy, so you don't waste precious selling time.


You Can Be Bought for a Dime

1,056 words. Abstract:  A retailer is turning the loyalty program concept on its ear, and turning rational folks like you and me into zombies who are powerless to resist their offer.


Relationship Selling and Bank Robbers

535 words. Abstract: Salespeople are often eager to meet prospects and build relationships. Unfortunately, they often ignore the same fundamental law that bank robbers do.


100% Commission Equals Zero Percent Control

423 Words.  Abstract: Straight (100%) commission plans do a great job of shifting performance risk to the salespeople. While the company may think it is eliminating risk, it may actually be taking on a bigger risk that could threaten the life of the company itself.


How Price Gouging Can Hurt Your Business

1,012 Words. Abstract:  Price-gouging fuels many emotionally-charged debates, and stirs politicians and attorneys to action. As a seller, you never want to be accused of price gouging. Make sure you're clear on how to make pricing decisions so you can steer clear of this issue.



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