Proven sales strategies from a one day workshop.

Our Consultative Selling Workshops Deliver at Three Levels

The Sales Communications™ Workshop delivers consultative selling at three different levels: Process, Strategies, and Tactics

It's really not just one selling workshop, but three:

At the core of our selling workshops is Sales Communications™, the buyer-centric approach that ensures that the needs of the customer are explored before a solution is assumed.

Sales Communications™ turns traditional selling on its head, because it emphasizes a change of focus.  Instead of being consumed with their own activities, salespeople are taught how to identify the buyer's preferred path to a decision.  This selling workshop shows them how to support the buyer's preferred decision process and help them get to "Yes" faster and more frequently.

Consultative selling is also about putting the buyer's needs first on the way to satisfying our own, so that we create win-win solutions.  We do not assume that every prospect is a sale to be conquered.  Our consultative selling workshops are about serving yourself by serving the customer. 

Each selling workshop encourages ethical and honest practices.  Consultative selling is about fulfilling expectations which, by extension, creates lasting relationships. 

Selling Workshops That Make Hitting Your Numbers Easy

All of our selling workshops have a top-line focus that will get your buyers to “Yes” faster and more frequently. Each consultative selling workshop we deliver is tailored to support your revenue objectives.

These selling workshops are designed to motivate each participant to move to higher levels of effectiveness. Unlike talking heads that come in to wow you with how much they know, we use interactive adult learning principles to engage our selling workshop attendees and help them integrate what they already know with the powerful content we deliver.

Handouts provided for these consultative selling workshops make it easy for attendees to capture critical content and reinforce their learning. We’ll provide examples, research, and stories that bring to life important concepts.

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"Your Sales Communications approach helped us look at how we sell through the buyer's eyes, and forced us to bring some added focus to our day-to-day activities."

APEX Analytix

Michael Lustig,

Chief Executive Officer

“Most helpful was the buying stage breakdown to make sense of the sales cycle.  This also helps us identify our weaknesses and where we need to improve, including marketing material.” 

Xonex, Inc.

Craig Kooken

"The "panache" you delivered gave us the credibility we needed to capture 17 new customers worth over $900,000 in recurring annual revenue in only 3 months. Incredible!"

Akzo Nobel Coatings Inc.

Bill Orr,

Manager, Market Communications

"Your fresh ideas combined with the fact that you had taken the time to get to know our group and personalize the message to us, really made an impression on everyone."

Haas Publishing Company

Mildred J. Thompson,

Sales Training Coordinator

"Your ideas are easy to understand and flow in a logical manner. Not once did my interest in what you were saying wane."

Prime Media Designs

Brent Wood,


“Provided a new outlook on selling - ‘What’s the customer going to get?’”

Mary Ann McCarry